New World Writing

4th Mentor Selection.New American Library, $.50.
When the first number of New World Writing appeared, it seemed a very daring idea to present to the paperback market a collection of writings with a somewhat highbrow or advance guard accent. The experiment has been a remarkable success. Each number has sold more than 100,000 copies; each has come up with some arresting items and a good deal of worth-while material; and in general the editors have succeeded in maintaining liveliness and variety. This fourth selection presents five American and ten Irish poets, and ten pages of “ Drawings of this Hemisphere.”Among the outstanding prose offerings are a chapter from William Sansom’s new novel; a short story by one of Japan’s leading writers; a piece by Mark Shorer on the Florentine villas of Sinclair Lewis and D. H. Lawrence; and a notable essay on the spiritual meaning of art by the philosopher, Suzanne Langer. The pseudonymous article on current novelists and critics, though often fanciful and wrongheaded, is amusing reading; and there are contributions by Nadine Gordimer, Shelby Foote, James Farrell. and several interesting newcomers. All in all, a big 50 cents’ worth.