Biographical Notes on the Poets

BUDDHADEVA BOSE was born in 1908 in Bengal, where, as Editor of the Calcutta magazine Kavita, he has been a leader of the modern literary movement. He will be an exchange lecturer at the Pennsylvania College for Women in Pittsburgh this winter.

AMIYA CHAKRAVARTY, Bengali poet and scholar, knew well both of the great figures of modern Indian poetry: Rabindranath Tagore and Mohammed Iqbal. He will be teaching this year at Boston University and has also taught at the Universities of Kansas and Michigan.

MARY ERULKAR was born in Bombay, took a law degree at the University of London, and is now on the staff of the U.N. International Labor Office at Geneva.

SHABBIR HASAN KHAN JOSH was born in 1896 and is one of the outstanding contemporary poets writing in Urdu.

HCMAYUN KABIR was born in 1906 and educated at Calcutta and Oxford Universities. A professor and a novelist (Men and Rivers), he was active in India’s struggle for freedom as an organizer of student and peasant movements. He is now Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Education in New Delhi.

P. LAL was born in the Punjab in 1930, educated in a Belgian Jesuit school, and now lives in Calcutta.

B. RAJAN is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. He is a Milton scholar and has edited a series of distinguished anthologies entitled Focus.

SRINIVAS RAYAPROL, who lives in Secunderabad in Hyderabad State, is the son of Rayaprolu Subbarao, one of the leading modern poets in the Telugu language. He studied here at Stanford University and writes in English as well as Telugu.

P. S. REGE, born in 1910, is a Professor at Sydenham College of Commerce in Bombay. He has published four volumes of poetry in the Marathi language and his work has been influenced by Chinese and French poetry. He was educated in Bombay and London.