The Weather in Middenshot

THE WEATHER IN MIDDENSHOT by Edgar Mittelholzer.John Day, $3.00.
Evil comes to Middenshot on the wind, prowls the town in the fog, and is obliterated by the snow. Herbert Jarrow, a harmless old loon with a taste for newspaper horrors and morbid jokes, proves to be much more practical than his wife and spinster daughter had supposed. These ladies ignore evil. Hyacinth, who cleans for Mr. Holme next door, forthrightly hates it. Mr. Holme disapproves of it with the restraint becoming an expoliceman. Only Mr. Jarrow goes out to meet it on its own ground and win a bizarre victory. The whole book is wildly imaginative, gruesome, funny, and improbable. But it has distinction, suspense, and the authority of a nonesuch.