Bouquet De France


by Samuel Chamberlain. Gourmet, $10.00.
This “Epicurean Tour of the French Provinces” is a lavishly produced volume, a collector’s item — so beautiful to look at that it is almost a shock to find it very enjoyable and instructive reading (at least to anyone interested in French gastronomy). Its quality should not, of course, be a surprise, since Mr. Chamberlain is one of the genuine maestros in this field, and probably knows the gourmet’s France better than any other American. His procedure in each chapter is as follows: First some notes on the province and its appeal to the traveler, including a brief discussion of regional wines. This is followed by a detailed report on the cuisine of recommended hotels and restaurants, plus regional recipes by their chefs. Each chapter has a gourmet’s map and photographs of the region. Paris is covered comprehensively; and the book ends with a 60-page “Treasury” of regional recipes. All this and gold lettering too.