Those familiar with the slogan “Guinness is good for you” will be interested in the fact that the famous brewery in Dublin is replacing its oak vats with aluminum vessels. Some of the vats are over one hundred years old. — Aluminum News

BEHOLD, the Guinness vats
Are of aluminum,
Shall I presume in ‘em
There’ll be no alteration in the brew —
Will Guinness still be just as “good for you”?
Such innovation rather
Leaves me skeptical,
That this receptacle
Surpasses oak
A hundred years in fettle;
What promised flavor
Lurks in airplane metal?
The road, good Dubliners,
That now you stray on
Will lead to rayon
In Irish tweed,
And, by the saints, more drastic —
Shillelaghs not of blackthorn
But of plastic.