Poetry in Our Time

by Babette Deutsch. Holt.$6.00.
“This book,”writes Miss Deutsch, “is about the poetry written during the twentieth century wherever English (or American) is the literary language. . . . Its purpose is to make the poetry the more accessible to the general reader.
. . . |It] seeks to show that poetry has grown, not out of literature, but out of life, and how in turn it nourishes life | in these anxiety-ridden times.”Miss Deutsch has discharged this challenging task superlatively well. She does not get entangled in the dreary argument about the “obscurity" of modern poets: she shows (with liberal use of quotation) what the poet is seeking to express; and she is remarkably successful in bringing out the relation between moral vision and technique. I know of no book covering the same ground that so effectively combines learning, insight, and graceful writing.