The American Oxford Atlas

edited by Brigadier Sir Clinton Lewis and Col. J. D. Campbell.Oxford University Press, $10.
This new world atlas is far and away the best of its kind I’ve encountered. A project of Oxford University, it employs new map-making techniques developed during the war anti is specially designed for American users. The maps are large, and a newly invented projection enables land masses to be shown at twice the size possible before on the same-sized page. There are 120 pages of maps — including a series showing climate, vegetation, geographic structure, population, and land use — and a Gazetteer with 60,000 entries. Among the recent details incorporated are information drawn from Russian war maps; new geographic knowledge about Korea; new canals and pipelines; and latest census figures. The volume has been splendidly produced on heavy paper — the boundary lines are clear, the type legible, and the colors sharp.