Fly Back to the Moment

TRAPPED in time, we sit here now and age,
We who were lean enough for a pilgrimage
And planned all days like June days with wild roses
Blown up to all corners of the sky,
And years like Summer gales and years like storms,
Before vvc would think it was time to die.
Somehow our fingers softened hard joy, like fros
It melted through our hands, ran, and was lost.
Somewhere the hawk I was forsook the mountain
And hunted in the valleys for the lame,
^ ou the curlew with morning stars for eyes
Let handsome days turn bars and hold you tame.
Xow let us break away from traitor time,
From reason that devours our bones like lime,
And fly back to the moment thin as a knife
A hen in the gale wild briars burst into bloom
That could not last an hour in such storm
And with doomed loveliness escape our doom.