A Socialist's Faith

by Norman Thomas.Norton, $4.00.
Mr. Thomas believes that socialization “does not mechanically answer our economic problems”; he sees “a strong case for keeping a segment of industry under private ownership”; and he proffers some outspoken criticism of the practices of labor unions. What he expounds is a “democratic socialism,” which can be achieved, he argues, without infringement of individual liberties.
In the field of foreign policy Mr. Thomas is a good deal more concerned than several leading archconservatives about all-out military measures to check Stalinism. He also stresses that “it takes something better than Franco in Europe or Chiang Kai-shek and his coterie in Asia to stop Communism. . . . A positive American policy for peace must be a far bolder program for economic aid in a coöperative war against hunger and poverty under the auspices of the U.N.”