Garden Verses


A GARDENER is the kind of guy
Who doesn’t hesitate to buy
Rare specimens of costly plants
When worn and shiny are his pants.

The Case Of The Well-Watered Plant

GARDEN NOTE: If well-watered plants begin to curl and droop, suspect verticillum wilt.

WHAT if I do suspect
The verticillum wilt?
This is an enemy with which
I’ve never had a tilt.
How do I meet the threat?
How deadly is the danger?
Don’t leave me ignorant to face
This verticillum stranger,
Or else I greatly fear
The drooping that you’ll see
Will be less from well-watered plants
Than it will be from me.

Poor Louis

WHEN King of France, the sixteenth Louis
Was generally considered screwy.
He would have led a peasaill’s life
But for M. Antoinette, his wife.
She loved vast palaces, with towers;
He coveted a hut, with flowers,
A garden, and a rustic fence —
I think he showed uncommon sense!

A Gardener Is A Lovesome Thing...

As long as there are hyacinths n.
And scillas by the pool;
As long as dogwood comes to bloom,
I’ll be an April fool.

The Way Life Is

THE zinnia’s easily
Raised from a seed;
Come downpour or drought
It is sure to succeed.

The marigold likewise
Is foolproof and strong.
And cheerfully blossoms
The whole summer long.
But stocks and snapdragons.
That court every blight,
Are strangely the flowers that
Produce the delight.

Grounds — For Divorce!

MY husband loves our garden, but
I find, when it gets weedy,
He either feels too good to work,
Or else he feels too seedy.

As The Earth Turns...

CATCH a gardener at his work —
Nothing could be drearier:
All you see is muddy shoes
And a raised posterior!