Maxims and Reflections

by Winston S. Churchill.
Houghton Milllin, $2.75.
The famous phrases of public figures, severed from their living context and enshrined in an anthology, have a tendency, like heroes in retirement, to lose something of their shine. Churchill’s do nothing of the kind. Tins anthology of Churchillian wit and eloquence — forensic thrusts, bons mots, and purple passages increases, if anything, one’s admiration for his verbal gifts. The editors have grouped the quotations into ten chapters: “On Himself.”“On Britain and the Empire.” and so on. More detailed indexing would have made the hook handier for reference, but this arrangement makes it eminently readable.
Maxims and Reflections is, in effect, much more than a “treasury,” It contains a revealing protrait of the man behind the phrase — phrases such as: “It is better to he frightened now than killed hereafter.” “In those days Mr. Baldwin was wiser than he is now; he used frequently to take my advice.”"There is only one answer to defeat, and that is victory.”