America Through British Eyes

Compiled and edited by Allan Nevins.

Oxford Univ. Press, $6.00.

This anthology — a greatly expanded and revised edition of a volume published in 1923 — shakes the legend that what visiting Britons have written about America has usually been uncomplimentary and or uninformed. There has been provocation. to be sure, and Mr. Nevins includes some famous examples. There has also been a great deal of amiability and admiration. Arranged in chronological order, the selections provide a panoramic view of American society — its manners, mores, and institutions — over the past one hundred and sixty years. The authors include Charles Dickens, William Cohbett, Captain Marryat, Matthew Arnold, James Bryce, Lord Tweedsmuir, and Graham Hutton, who rivals Colonel McCormick as a champion of the Middle West. There are wit, wisdom, and memorable description in these five hundred entertaining pages.