Washington Witch Hunt

by Bert Andrens. Random House, $2.50.
The news stories on which this book is based won Bert Andrews, chief of the New York Herald Tribune’s Washington bureau, a Pulitzer Prize and other citations. It’s a top-notch report on the case of the Hollywood writers: of Dr. Condon. the distinguished scientist, smeared by the Thomas Committee: and of “Mr. Blank,” the State Department official dismissed “as a potential security risk” without being told what was insecure about him. Mr. Andrews is one of the many uncompromising enemies of Communism outraged by the contempt for civil liberties, the dictatorial methods of the Washington witch-hunters. Since to be a Communist is not illegal, the Hollywood writers, he concludes, were as justified in refusing to answer the Committee as Eisenhower would have been if asked: Are you a Democrat or a Republican? The headlineminded, sealp-hungry Congressmen mentioned by Mr. Andrews might benefit from a copy of this book — suitably inscribed — as an election-year gift from watchful constituents.