Florence P. and Francis L. Jaques
AGAIN we are indebted to Florence and Francis Jaques for another book as beautifully written as it is illustrated. Canadian Spring is informing, entertaining, inspiring, whether it leads one to marshes and prairies in Manitoba with their immensity of sky and space and color, to the Rockies with their spicy forests and thrilling peaks, or to a desolate mining town in the great north wilderness. Oppressed with the activities of human beings and the unhealthy quantities of material from printed things and radios, Mr. and Mrs. Jaques made a several months study ot wild animals and places and found, as always, a heartening serenity. To pioneers of Canadian wildernesses their trip, elnefly by car, might seem de luxe, but this gave them opportunity to observe and enjoy in the lighthearted spirit which is one of the pleasures of the book. Mrs. Jaques’s descriptions, so full of beauty, perception for underlying meanings, and understanding of the vivid personalities of myriad water birds, noble elk. pronghorn antelopes, or mountain sheep and goats, all convey a complete impression of the wild things which must be fascinating to anyone not acquainted with them, and very satisfying to those who are. Her witty asides and wise thoughts are delightfully threaded in with valuable information on subjects from wheat crops and geologic formations to ruddy ducks and buffaloes. The writing and illustrations keep puce together, for the black and white sketches of Mr. Jaques, with their exquisite shadings, poses, and expressions, possess the essential and wonderfully real atmosphere and background so characteristic of all lus work. The layman becomes convinced (as what true natural scientist is not!) that natural history is the happiest and most rewarding of professions.