When Last Seen


WHEN last seen the earth was wearing
A high steel tower and a milling crowd,
Her short-wave skirt was wide and flaring,
Searchlight stripes were veiled in cloud.

She had a book with a billboard cover,
Radio sets dripped from each ear,
Her white metal parasol seemed to hover
In and out of the stratosphere.
All was trim, though an odd-looking spot
Or a burn on her sleeve needed tending soon;
She was often seen drinking her sulfa hot,
And they said she was carrying on with the
Her newest purchase was a car to drive
So fast that her permanent came uncurled,
The model, Uranium 235,
Was really something out of this world.

Chorus by Mars and Jupiter

What’s become of the earth tonight,
She used to be here, but she’s not in sight,
She couldn’t be lost, and yet she might —
A nice little star, but not very bright.