Dunbar's Siamese Cat

THESE are the things I like best to do.
Most of the time it is loving you,
And taking pains I shouldn’t show it,
Partly because I know you know it.
Some of my time in catching mice,
And playing with them. Mice are nice.
The reason why I bite their heads
Is partly to make sure they’re dead.
But after you, I love the sun,
And when I can I watch it run
Across the sky from pole to pole,
Like some great mouse from hole to hole.
And, when I’m bored with that, I play
With you. At times I hear you say
You play with me. Cats know
Men like to think that this is so.
And since you are my god-elect,
I shouldn’t want you to suspect
It was the other way about,
Just as at night I shut you in
When you believe you let me out.