Tomorrow Is Forever

By Gwen BristowCROWELL
MANY readers may find this story improbable or Impossible, but all will read it to the end, for it is skillfully plotted not to satisfy your aroused curiosity until the last page. It is the story of Elizabeth, who as a young woman lost her husband in the First World War and was unable to take her mind off him. In desperation she moves West, remarries happily, and brings up a lovely family. The imminent departure of her eldest son for the Second World War brings back to her mind her first husband, who has never been far from her thoughts. Then her first husband actually returns, a mutilated, patched-up man, who, unrecognized, meets bis wife and becomes a counselor for her and her family. His greatest mission is to try to stop her from allowing the shadow of the past to blur the beauty of the present. It may all seem too unreal, too contrived, but it is a book filled with wisdom and understanding of human problems.