Count on Two Days

By Mannix WalkerDODD, MEAD
COUNT on great fun when you read this zany novel, of which the subtitle might well be Hellzapoppin on Beacon Street. Discovering two uninvited guests, a woman counterfeiter and a naked young man, scurrying about in her Back Bay home. Mrs. Dowell, an imperturbable Boston lady equally familiar with Sophocles and gangsters, spurns the help of the Democratic police force and hires a private detective. In the midst of the chase her son’s fiancée, a New York debutante whose name none of the family can remember, arrives and becomes involved with the detective and the naked young man. Add to this a dash of Drogheda the vision-seeing maid, Charlotte the lightheaded sister fighting off a case of dipsomania which never threatened her, and the Big Boss who sets up his gangster headquarters next door to Mrs. Dowell, and you get some idea of this heady concoction. It is a lighthearted talc filled with the unexpected, and barbed with witty satire on Boston society.