See What I Mean?

By Lewis Browne
HERE, in a novel based on facts, is the fictional counterpart of Under Cover. Here, brought to light in all their side-show cheapness, arc the promulgators and supporters of a pro-Fascist group in Los Angeles. The story is the confession of Clem Smullett, down-and-out publicity man, who becomes, as it were, the raucous banker and idea man for the Jew-hating Fascist leader, John Christian Power. The novel — a warning for those who still need a warning — is written intentionally in plain, often flat, language, which presents this sorry group of racketeers not in the glamorous light of their tinsel triumphs, but in the flat sickly dawn light of their behind-the-scenes scheming and wrangling. The important and disquieting thing about this corrosive novel is that it is not fiction — it did happen here.