The Best Poems of 1942

$2.00 Selected by Thomas MoultHARCOURT, BRACE

THOMAS MOULT has issued the twenty-first of his interest ing series of best poems of the year. In a world at war, it is heartening to find poets still singing traditional themes. However, this is a world at war, and it is astonishing to find no Wilfred Owen, no Siegfried Sassoon, to give us the feel of world-wide conflict. Even civilian poets have turned away from the great theme offered them. Historians of the war would lie surprised to discover so little repercussion to universal chaos. But a notable poem by Masefield, a graceful one by de la Mare, and excellent poems by Herberl Palmer, Anderson Scruggs, MacDonogh, Eiseley, Spender, Maillalieu, Eberhart, and Oscar Williams give the collection interest and value.