The Apostle

$3.00 By Sholem AschPUTNAM
THIS novel based on the life of St. Paul is a distinguished companion to The Nazarene, with which, according to the author, it forms one work. The sensitive Paul, who first denied the Messiah and persecuted his fellow Jews only to become later the Apostle to the Gentiles and disseminator of the faith, is set against the colorful background of the Mediterranean world with its beauties, vices, luxuries, and squalor. Paul moves as a mighty figure through the fleshpots of the world,—Antioch, Ephesus, Nero’s Rome,— comforting the believer and converting the disbeliever. Bound into the story are pagan festivals and religious rites, Nero’s orgies, the stoning of Stephen, and the baptism of the Gentiles.
In conception and execution the novel is magnificent, for the author has approached his subject with devotion and reverence and has written of it with almost Biblical simplicity.