Under Cover


byJohn Roy Carlson


HERE is the devil’s plenty of conscious and unconscious sedition. Here is the documented record of the Nazi and Fascist subversive movements in America, written by a naturalized and grateful citizen who, to collect the material for this warning to his adopted country, went under cover in 1933. Posing as an Italian Fascist, he joined some thirty groups which draped themselves in the Stars and Stripes but gave the Nazi salute. He became the intimate and trusted friend of leaders in such groups as the Bund, the Christian Front, the Silver Shirts, and America First. The names of these leaders are here, as are the names of countless others who wittingly or unwittingly aided our enemy. The author shows how democracy can harbor in its rights of free speech, free press, and free assemblage the disease which seeks to destroy it. The book is not easy to read, for it is an undramatized, unromanticized collection of facts. But for the good of America it must be read.