Grandmother Drives South

By Constance Jordan HenleyPUTNAM
THIS is a handbook on how to tour South America in a station wagon and love it. Mrs. Henley and a series of nephews spent twenty months on the Pan-American Highway, traveling at their leisure through sixteen Latin American countries. The road is not entirely completed, and varied in quality from excellent to camino may feo— a “most alarming road.” Mrs. Henley loved every foot of it, at least, in retrospect, from the rivers where bridge there was none, to the bogs which were bottomless and the cliffs to which an unfenced highway clung precariously. She describes climate, scenery, and people, with the interest and enthusiasm which are the born traveler’s best passport in any country. There are many people in this account — bankers and presidents, peons and sheephenlers — all of them interesting, friendly, and amazingly kind and helpful to two North Americans with little Spanish and less Portuguese. Mrs. Henley’s book is both informative and entertaining.