A League without bombers is only a debating society.


The adventurous are those who have been properly fed.


My one motive for continued participation in politics is to bring about the complete and final defeat of the New Deal.


Hitler’s Future

I know lots of people who think he will hang, as they seemed to think about the Kaiser last time. But I think he will go to Eire, hire a magnificent lodge, and live happy ever after.


We believe in football, and think it will do as much as anything else to prepare our students for war.


After New York, every town is Bridgeport. —


Get a job outside the home even if it’s only two hours a week. It will make you feel that you are doing something active to win the war.


Statement of Policy

All I can promise is that we will attack for sixty hours, and after that we will attack for sixty hours more. If the French want to fight, well and good, and God help them. If they want to be friendly, kiss them on both cheeks — and get on to your next objective quickly. Tell every soldier that if he gets to the beach under his own power, I will consider him part of the striking force. Accept this as a rule of thumb: if a soldier can walk backward, he can walk forward, and I do not anticipate any American soldier walking backward. Gentlemen, the weather is delightful and so are our prospects. Prepare at once for action.


The sedentary life a Congressman leads and the mental strain he undergoes make him an easier prey to illness unless he takes good care of himself.


More and more frequently in these great times, man lifts the veil and catches a glimpse of the eternal truth that nature’s laws are his servants, if he will have the spiritual competence to employ them.


Armor Plate

Formerly all armor plate more than four inches thick was forged, a process requiring eight to ten times as long as rolling. Lukens some time ago began rolling armor plate up to 9½ inches in thickness on its 206-inch mill, the world’s largest plate mill. On its giant mill Lukens has rolled individual armor plates weighing over 100,000 pounds each. The big mill can roll plates 195 inches wide, while no other unit in the country can roll plates more than about 155 inches in width.

ROBERT W. WOLCOTT, President, Lukens Steel Company

We’ve been getting a lot of sentimental novels by early Victorian ladies of about 1880. The Marines take one look at them and groan. They want detective, adventure, and action novels, and some of the best modern novels.


300,000 Rivets

We are building more planes this year than in all the twenty years before the war. Today thirty prime contractors operating seventy separate plants are making seventy types of planes for war uses. Since June, 1940, approximately $50,000,000,000 has been appropriated for aircraft.

Today the proportion of women in the airplane industry on the West Coast approximates 35 per cent. The proportion of women among the trainees is nearly 70 per cent. Eventually, at least 50 per cent of our employees may be women.

In view of these facts it is well that steps have been taken promptly by the government to stop the voluntary enlistment of essential workers.

If the aviation industry had full quotas of men and materials it could nearly double its present gigantic production. That is exactly what Mr. Nelson (Donald M. Nelson, chairman of the War Production Board) is asking for next year. With America and her allies on the offensive more planes are needed and still more.

In making a Liberator bomber we must have more than 102,000 parts and 300,000 rivets. We buy from 2100 subcontractors and suppliers. Stop the flow of any one of those items and you halt the production of finished Liberators. m , ,,


Occasionally someone says that I favor giving a quart of milk to every inhabitant of the globe. What 1 favor is an opportunity for the millions who are fighting for freedom to increase their own productivity and enjoy the blessings of a higher standard of living.


The Roberts report said that at 6.20 A.M. on December 7, a suspicious-looking object was sighted in the prohibited area of Pearl Harbor by the United States armed services. Between 6.32 and 6.45 A.M. this object, which was a small submarine, was attacked and sunk by the concerted action of a naval patrol plane and a United States ship of war. Local commentators said that such facts, represented in an official document, cannot leave the slightest doubt as to who fired the first shot.



For a host of people throughout the land, this morning opened upon a much sadder world. With Louis E. Kirstein’s passing, a deep well of rare goodness has suddenly dried. Death always seems unreal — an experience hard to assimilate. To us who for so long have been accustomed to all the endearing qualities of Lou Kirstein his absence will leave an aching void.

He never enjoyed a formal higher education, but few university presidents possessed his understanding of the purposes of higher education in our democracy or contributed more toward their attainment. He never held political office, but discharged the most important office of all, that of American citizenship, with unsurpassed distinction. He was the most modest of men, but his identification of Americanism with Lincolnian humanity gave him a courage that shamed and often subdued the timidities and complacencies of men to whom he looked for leadership.

Others will speak of his many and enduring services to Boston, the Commonwealth, and the nation. I merely wish to pay homage to a very dear friend and an exemplar of true Americanism.


Formerly fastidious fellows are appearing in the evening in dinner jackets.


The line dividing the rightful exercise of free speech and the utterance of sedition is seldom clear. A too zealous approach might easily be more damaging to the ultimate cause of democracy than the sedition it was attempting to curb.


Intuition appears to be some ability which permits an inventor, in a way not yet explained and possibly unexplainable, to “tune in” like radio and to learn, somehow, facts which are not yet known, or to imagine and create a mechanism or part in accord with natural laws not yet discovered at the time of the invention.


If anybody ever calls you a sucker, you should feel complimented because suckers have all the fun.

JACK DOYLE as reported, by Tom Meany in PM

The last war left the German General Staff with two firm convictions. The first was that never again, if they could help it, would they fight on two fronts; and they have got two fronts today. The second was that never again would they be lured into fighting a war of exhaustion. And that is just what Hitler has lately been driven to promise them.



The accident record for parachutists indicates that the “incidence” of accidents, beginning with men at the age of 18, drops markedly to the age of 23. Between 23 and 26 the rate is at its lowest, and is steady; from 26 to 35 the rate rises slightly, from 35 to 40 the rate increases quite rapidly, and after a man reaches 40 the rate rises precipitously.

In other words, the best ages for a parachutist are those between 23 and 26. Before he is 20 a man is quite likely to be injured. From ages 26 to 35 he is still a pretty good parachute jumper; after 35 not so good; after 40 he is so liable to injury that he can seldom complete the required five practice jumps without harm.

Our record in parachute jumping is so good that the responsible officers are still convinced there has never been a mechanical failure of a chute.

CARLYLE HOLT, in the Boston Globe

This sniveling hypocrite is wasting his time directing his belated remonstrations to us.

SIR ARCHIBALD SINCLAIR referring to the Italian Minister of Education


While it would be legal for me to run for both the Senate and the Presidency, it is hardly reasonable to give me both endorsements when there will be available at the end of his third term as outstanding a Governor as John W. Bricker.


Between raids, children in Malta are more in evidence in some places than grownups. They play mysterious games among the ruins of what were once churches or palaces or homes. They have long ago lost what ties they may have possessed; but in the process, they seem also to have lost a child’s natural dread of noise and violence. The whole time I was there I never saw or heard a child cry.


I’ll bet the cannibal natives are wondering why we’re killing so many Japs. They know we can’t possibly eat all of them.


Most women have heard of dried eggs and powdered milk. They will, before the war is over, hear something about powdered meats.

LORD WOOLTON, British Food Minister

Gentlemen, we are the South Pacific Fighting Force. I don’t want anybody to be even thinking in terms of Army, Navy, and Marines. Every man must understand it — and every blankety-blank soand-so will understand it if I have to take off all uniforms, issue coveralls, and imprint the insignia “South Pacific Fighting Force” on the seat of the pants.


I have not lost faith in the Dies Committee.


As for the Philippines, the minds of a great many people appear to be poisoned by the influence brought by American culture.

PRESIDENT SUZUKI of the Tokyo Cabinet Planning Board

The Chicory Test

A test for detecting chicory in ground coffee is made by placing a good pinch of the material on a piece of white paper and examining the particles. Coffee grounds are usually light brown and granular, while those of chicory, being made from a root, are fibrous and darker in color. A hand lens will indicate the presence of chicory more clearly in this test.

For the water test, which shows the difference even more distinctly, place half a teaspoon of coffee in a quarter of a glass of water. Most of the true coffee will stay on top for a time, but grains of chicory or other fibrous vegetable material will quickly become waterlogged and sink to the bottom, often coloring the water brown. After allowing the material to soak for ten minutes drain off the water and spread the grains on a dish or piece of white paper. The coffee granules are hard and resilient and, when prodded with a match stick or tweezers, jump away. If a granule is plastic, almost like gelatin in consistency, it is a foreign substance and probably chicory.

C. E. SHEPARD, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

I hate to think that the suggestion might be made that the only way Puerto Rico can secure relief is by disorder and bloodshed.

FILIPO DE HOSTOS, President of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce

When Prime Minister Churchill finally decided that he could tell us about the Allied invasion of North Africa, Sarah Churchill said she had known it for six weeks. It shows that women can keep secrets and are doing it.