Poems of This War by Younger Poets

Edited by Patricio Ledward and Colin Strang $1.75
THIS is a very moving and interesting collection of verse by a number of young English poets. It is revealing to find from this, and other collections, how many of the young people who are fighting this war for us write poetry about it, and to know what they are thinking and feeling. It is characteristic that no one in this book thinks of Hitler as the enemy. There is bitterness at the humbugs of religion and politics, there is despair about the social system in which we are enmeshed, there is fresh realization that the laziness and selfishness and greed of men are our real foes, but there is no hate anywhere. Naturally there is great variety of experience in the poems. There are poems of bombed cities, of air raids, of hospitals, of the heroic poor, of the terrible monotony and mental confinement of camp life; there are many elegies, and there are some excellent nature poems and love poems. But in spite of the variety, there is a certain singleness of outlook. Every one of the writers feels himself to be living under the imminence of death, “waiting daily for the skies to fall,” and this creates an urgent, quickened sense of the present, of living in the moment, which gives file volume a peculiar vividness. E. D.