Breakfast With the Nikolides

By Rumer Godden $2.50 LITTLE, BROWN
THE breakfast with the Nikolides was always to symbolize to Emily the last hour of her childhood; for when she came home from it she was told that her spaniel Don had been killed, and she knew that in some way her mother was responsible, and she saw her mother as clearly as a child of twelve can see an adult. But this is only one element in the story of the death ot Don, which is linked with so many lives connected with the Government Farm at Amorra in East Bengal, India. All these lives, Indian and white, child and adult, and the backgrounds of the homes in which they are lived, are evoked with great skill and a mastery of dramatic tension and emotional clarity. The book, once started, affects the reader like the eye of the Ancient Mariner: ‘He cannot choose but hear,’ and ignores all interruptions until the tale is told. E. D.