Dragon's Teeth

By Upton Sinclair VIKING $3.00
HERE is the third massive volume of what is to be, when finished — and that means at some time after the public careers of the Messrs. Hitler and Mussolini are finished — Mr. Sinclair’s War and Peace. For the elderly author, as he calls himself in a dedication, confidently expects to outlive these less elderly authors of many of the world’s present grefs, whom he deems not very likely to die in their beds. The present installment carries the narrative onward from the closing point of Between Two Worlds, which is the Wall Street crash of 1929, to Hitler’s Blood Purge of 1934. Its great culminating adventure is the attempt of the American protagonist, Lanning Prescott Budd, to rescue a German-Jewish family of wealth and distinction from the clutches of that ruthlessly cynical torturer and extortioner, Hermann Goering. The tale is told with Mr. Sinclair’s inveterate disregard of everything finicking, nice, and ‘literary,’ and for that reason among other reasons it moves with the terrible power of a glacier or of the mills of God. w. F.