By Pierre van PaassenDIAL PRESS

MR. VAN PAASSEN, in this brief tract for the times, adds his voice to those of the interventionist school of strategy who believe that Kansas and Nebraska must be defended at Dakar and Singapore. He sees modern weapons of destruction as leaping over time and space, and believes that the defense of America is impossible unless these Asiatic and African outposts are held. Convoying of supplies to Great Britain is another item in his program of all-out American participation in the war. The author is a peace strategist as well as a war strategist. His war aim in Europe is summed up in the phrase ‘A free Germany in a free Europe in a free world!’ Few Americans would dissent from this as a desirable ideal; the rub is in the implementation. And this obsenvation would hold good for another of the author’s statements: ‘We must promise their freedom to the peoples of India and China, set Asia ablaze from one end to the other with the ideal of de mocracy.’ There is little evidence of British willingness to fall in with the idea of relinquishing India. And Mr. van Paassen does not explan how he would bring freedom to the Chinese when the Kuomintang and Communist groups in that country are so obviously at variance as to what freedom means. W.H.C.