‘MOTHER, may I stay up tonight?’
‘No, dear.’
‘Oh dear! (She always says “No, dear.”)’
‘But Father said I might.’
‘No, dear.’
‘He did, that is, if you thought it right.’
‘No, dear, it isn’t right.’
‘Oh dear! May I keep on the light?’
‘No, dear. In spite
Of what your father said,
You go to bed,
And in the morning you’ll be bright
And glad instead
For one more day ahead.’
‘Not one more night.’
‘No, dear — no, dear.’
‘At least I’ve been polite, I guess.’
‘Yes, dear, you’ve been polite—
Good night.’
‘Oh dear!
I’d rather stay down here —
I’m quite . . .’
‘No, dear. Now, out of sight.’
(‘Well, that was pretty near, all right.’)
Good night.’
‘All-l-l right! — (She’s hard to fight.)’
‘Sleep tight.’
‘Good night!’