Two Alone

BYPhillip Jaron and Horace Stafford
WLADEK STANISLAW, a young Polish soldier, and his sweetheart, Sonia Markov, walk through northern Poland to Kovno, Lithuania. That is all this story is about. But Poland is being invaded by the Russians, and Wladek is tech nically a deserter and Sonia has run away from her parents. Everything happens to them except death, and that they escape more than once only by inches. It is all so exciting that one cannot stop reading, but the story has a rarer quality. It has charm. Wladek and Sonia are such lovable youngsters, so honest, natural, and decent, so absorbed in each other, that war goes on over and around them and is accepted as the wind and rain. This is a new kind of war book, as simple and naive in style as a folk tale, laughable but touching.
R. M. G.