Lanterns on the Levee

ByWilliam Alexander Percy
REMINISCENCES of civilization in the Mississippi Delta, by a planter’s son, a volume well conceived and delightfully well written, a remarkable achievement, worthy of recommendation to any and all readers. It is full of authentic information, it reflects a rich experience, and above all it is wholly tree from the neurasthenic drivel which afflicts so many of the current sentimental outpourings about the Old South. The reader will best get the total effect of the book if he closes it at the twenty-fourth chapter, and lets it stay closed until the taste has well soaked in. The last four chapters are good, he should go back to them, but they are danglers; they cause the book to drizzle on beyond its logical end. ! hope Mr. Percy will take no offense; this suggestion comes only from the desire that his readers should enjoy a rare literary experience to the full. A. J. N.