How America Lives

By J. C. Furnas and Associates
HERE is a book which ought, among other things, to silence once and for all the highbrow sniff with which the intellectuals attempt to dismiss the intelligence quotient of the women’s magazines. Between its covers are the stories, the pictures, the histories, and the budgets of a complete crosssection ot the United States. The folks—your neighbors and mine. And doing pretty well, thank you, in a sense which does not concern itself primarily with their incomes. They are making a brave go at being parts of their communities, at raising their families. Read Mr. Furnas’s introduction, look at some of the pictures. And then, as a sample, turn to the budget on page 45, with particular attention to the first item and the last. Meet the Griffins. They will give you something to he proud of, and something which may lead to a little humble self-examination.
F. W.