Home by the River

ByArchibald Rutledge
THIS beautifully written short book — it is at the same time a beautifully made volume, with 28 superb photographs by Noble Bretzman — tells the story of Hampton Plantation, which is an estate of 2000 acres near the mouth of the Santee River in South Carolina, and the only great estate in its region to have remained continuously from the beginning in the possession of one family. Mr. Rutledge, returning to Hampton in 1937 after forty-four years of enforced absence, set about restoring the stately 1730 mansion and beautifying its grounds. What he gives us is a record of his adventures and discoveries while prosecuting this devoted work, together with many and delightful observations on inextricably connected subjects — notably the fauna and flora of the Santee delta, his own experiments in arboriculture, and the considerable Negro population of the estate.
W. F.