Emperor Brims

By Herbert Ravenel Sass
IN 1715 Emperor Brims, a Creek warrior of genius, led a confederation of tribes against the Southern Colonies in what has since been known as the Yemassee War, and for a time threatened the very existence of the English south of the state of New York.Emperor Brims concerns the adventures ot a group ot men and women ot Charleston immediately before and during the war. Exciting incidents occur in Indian villages and on wilderness trails; mystery involves the identity of a French adventurer, Bohun La Mothe; the affairs of Alan Kent, an Indian trader, with an English beauty Lorraine Gale and an Indian beauty Ayunli, provide the element of love; there are fights, torturings, seal pings, flight and pursuit — in short, all the approved ingredients of historical romance, and of course everything comes out as it should. The story is well-written, the characters alive, and the descriptions of life, especially among that very superior tribe, the Cherokees, instructive. R. M. G.