No Stone Unturned

$2.50 By Josephine LawrenceLITTLE, BROWN

JOSEPHINE LAWRENCE’S highly specialized field of research is in the lives and symptoms of the inadequate and inept, and she records with compassionate detachment their feeble, erratic pulse beats, their amazing and fruitless fluctuations of energy.No Stone Unturned is the detailed case history of a man who couldn’t manage his failing business, stopped trying, and turned all his fretful inability to trying to manage his family. Malty Russell lives in a spider’s maze of unpaid bills, unfinished business, unmended fences, unfulfilled hopes, and hurt feelings. You know old Malty. You used to see quite a lot of him fifteen years ago. His father and yours were friends. Now, on the infrequent occasions when you run into him somewhere, you wonder vaguely what the dickens is the matter with him. Josephine Lawrence doesn’t wonder. She knows. It will interest and irritate you to let her tell you about it. F. W.