Lone Star Preacher

$2.75 By John W. Thomason, Jr.SCRIBNERS

THOSE who have read from time to time in the Saturday Evening Post the adventures of Captain Praxiteles Swan, the fighting preacher from Texas, will rejoice that Colonel Thomason has assembled these chapters of Civil War story in book form. The author is a soldier and a Texan; incidentally he knows the Civil War as few of the best historians know it — the intimate detail, the tactics, the common round of military life in those days, are at his fingers’ ends. And he is inspired by a deep affection and respect for the magnificent infantry of the Army of Northern Virginia, for their devotion, courage, and hard-bitten humor. Colonel Thomason is a first-rate storyteller, and these stories are as good as his best— if not better than any he has done heretofore. The book is delightfully illustrated with his own drawings. R. E. D.