Juggernaut Over Holland

By E. N. van Kleffens
THIS is the most authoritative narrative of the Blitzkrieg against the Netherlands last May, composed by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs. Dr. van Kleffens brings order and clarity into the picture which was conveyed by the confused and sometimes inevitably inaccurate press dispatches of the time. It was in the Netherlands, more than anywhere else, that the Germans, because of the small size of the country, were able to benefit from fifth-column activities and from the spectacular device of dropping troops from the air. Two points Dr. van Kleffens emphasizes are that the Dutch fought gallantly, their small air force being wiped out and some Guards regiments losing 80 per cent of their numbers, and that no more Franco-British aid would have been available even if there had been prearranged plans for coöperation in the event of a German attack.