The Atlantic Recommends

As we look back on the year 1940, it is clear that the harvest has been rich in novels, but rather lean in its production of good books of non-fiction. As a check list for home consumption and an incentive for those who have resolved to do more reading in 1941, the Atlantic has selected the following titles as being worthy of your special attention.


FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS, by Ernest Hemingway (Scribners, $2.75)
OLIVER WISWELL, by Kenneth Roberts (Doubleday, Doran, $3.00)
SAPPHIRA AND THE SLAVE GIRL, by Willa Cather (Knopf, $2.50)
VERDUN, by Jules Romains (Knopf, $2.50)
FAME IS THE SPUR, by Howard Spring (Viking, $2.75)
YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN, by Thomas Wolfe (Harpers, $3.00)
CHAD HANNA, by Walter D. Edmonds (Atlantic and Little, Brown, $2.75)
HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY, by Richard Llewellyn (Macmillan, $2.75)
PORTRAIT OF JENNIE, by Robert Nathan (Knopf, $2.00)
THE FAMILY, by Nina Fedorova (Atlantic and Little, Brown, $2.50)
BETHEL MERRIDAY, by Sinclair Lewis (Doubleday, Doran, $2.50)
THE OX-BOW INCIDENT, by Walter Van Tilburg Clark (Random House, $2.00)
FOUNDATION STONE, by Lella Warren (Knopf, $3.00)
NATIVE SON, by Richard Wright (Harpers, $2.50)
WHITEOAK HERITAGE, by Mazo de la Roche (Atlantic and Little, Brown, $2.50)
EMBEZZLED HEAVEN, by Franz Werfel (Viking, $2.50)
QUIETLY MY CAPTAIN WAITS, by Evelyn Eaton (Harpers, $2.50)
THE FIELDS OF PARADISE, by Ralph Bates (Dutton, $2.50)
HILDRETH, by Harlow Estes (Dodd, Mead, $2.50)
FOR US THE LIVING, by Bruce Lancaster (Stokes, $2.50)
THE TREES, by Conrad Richter (Knopf, $2.50)
AFTER MANY A SUMMER DIES THE SWAN, by Aldous Huxley (Harpers, $2.50)
THE LOON FEATHER, by Iola Fuller (Harcourt, Brace, $2.50)
To THE INDIES, by C. S. Forester (Little, Brown, $2.50)

Short Stories

MRS. MINIVER, by Jan Struther (Harcourt, Brace, $2.00)
MY NAME IS ARAM, by William Saroyan (Harcourt, Brace, $2.50)


PILGRIM’S WAY, by John Buchan (Houghton Mifflin, $3.00)
HAPPY DAYS, by Henry L. Mencken (Knopf, $2.75)
As I REMEMBER HIM, by Hans Zinsser (Atlantic and Little, Brown, $2.75)
I MARRIED ADVENTURE, by Osa Johnson (Lippincott, $3.50)
MARK TWAIN IN ERUPTION, ed. by Bernard DeVoto (Harpers, $3.75)
COUNTRY EDITOR, by Henry Beetle Hough (Doubleday, Doran, $3.00)
LET THERE BE SCULPTURE, by Jacob Epstein (Putnam, $5.00)
FORTY YEARS A COUNTRY PREACHER, by George Gilbert (Harpers, $2.75)
BEYOND THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS, by Lucy Pope Cullen (Oxford Univ. Press, $2.50)

The War

THEY WANTED WAR, by Otto Tolischus (Reynal & Hitchcock, $3.00)
TRAGEDY IN FRANCE, by André Maurois (Harpers, $2.00)
EUROPE IN THE SPRING, by Clare Booth (Knopf, $2.50)
FAILURE OF A MISSION, by Sir Nevile Henderson (Putnam, $3.00)
THE VOICE OF DESTRUCTION, by Hermann Rauschning (Putnam, $2.75)
PARIS FRANCE, by Gertrude Stein (Scribners, $1.75)
POLISH PROFILE, by Princess Paul Sapieha (Carrick & Evans, $2.50)
THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE, by Anne Lindbergh (Harcourt, Brace, $1.00)

Poetry and Criticism

NEW ENGLAND: INDIAN SUMMER, 1865-1915, by Van Wyck Brooks (Dutton, $3.75)
TO THE FINLAND STATION, by Edmund Wilson (Harcourt, Brace, $4.00)
LAST POEMS AND PLAYS, by W. B. Yeats (Macmillan, $1.75)
ANOTHER TIME, by W. H. Auden (Random House, $2.00)
AND IN THE HUMAN HEART, by Conrad Aiken (Duell, Sloan, & Pearce, $1.50)
PATTERN OF A DAY, by Robert Hillyer (Knopf, $2.00)
THE WHITE CLIFFS, by Alice Duer Miller (Coward-McCann, $1.00)
A WINTER TIDE,by Robert Nathan (Knopf, $2.00)


THE SECOND EMPIRE, by Octave Aubry (Lippincott, $5.00)
AUDUBON’S AMERICA, by Donald Culross Peattie (Houghton Mifflin, $6.00)
MR. PITT AND AMERICA’S BIRTHRIGHT, by J. C. Long (Stokes, $3.50)
THE DUTCH, by Adriaan J. Barnouw (Columbia Univ. Press, $3.00)
TREASURY OF THE WORLD’S GREAT LETTERS, by M. Lincoln Schuster (Simon & Schuster, $3.75)
SINCE YESTERDAY, by F. L. Allen (Harpers, $3.00)
MR. HOUSE OF TEXAS, by Arthur D. Howden Smith (Funk & Wagnalls, $3.50)