Western Democrat

ByArthur F. Mullen
A RIGHT noble book, noble and affecting. It is a posthumous publication, written in the author’s last days. Mr. Mullen was an Irish Roman Catholic libertarian of the old type which seems unhappily to have well-nigh passed from among us. He was brought up half a century ago in the great open space which was Nebraska; he became a sandhill lawyer; then the Irish instinct for politics led him into public life and finally made him a national figure; he made the final deal which got Mr. Roosevelt the nomination in 1932. The story of his many battles tor the right of equal freedom reminds one sadly of the old Celtic saying that the Irish ‘went forth to the wars, but they always fell.’ Irish-like, however, his faith and hope held out to the end; one should begin this book by reading the last seventeen pages, then turning back to the first chapter. The substance of those pages is great, but the spirit which pervades them is greater. ‘The wisdom which comes with death ‘ made Mr. Mullen very gentle with the men who let him down and dishonored his ideals, but his gentleness is more excoriating than any amount of another man’s invective would be.