I Remember

ByAbraham Flexner
MR. FLEXNER’S autobiography is the record of a long struggle in behalf of elevating the standard of education in this country. He was the prime mover in reorganizing medical instruction and in the abolition of medical diploma mills. His critical studies of American colleges and universities have in general borne little fruit as yet, but they led to his establishment of the Institute of Advanced Study, at Princeton, New Jersey, from which some good results may reasonably be expected in course of time. Mr. Flexner’s claim on posterity lies in the fact that he is one of the very few among us who knows what education is, and knows how to set about it. In this volume he tells the story of his achievements modestly, gracefully, and with all due regard to the part which circumstances, other persons, and good fortune played in bringing them about. While it is a book to be recommended in the highest terms to all who have faith in the American way of life, we think it would be especially useful to thoughtful young persons in our colleges; not by any means as ‘required reading,’ — far from that, — but as something to take up on their own, to help them get a clearer idea of why they are where they are, and of what they may best do about it.