The Dead Hand of Bureaucracy

By Lawrence Sullivan $2.50,BOBBS-MERRILL
ON the street the other day, one of our friends met an acquaintance who told him in great distress that the country had gone crazy. ‘You have watched what was coming for forty years,’ our friend replied, ‘and now that it’s here, you say the country has gone crazy!’ Mr. Sullivan’s book gives the most complete and detailed picture that has yet been drawn of the insane mess that we are in through the centralization of power and the parasitic growth of bureaucracy — and what a mess it is! The book shows how we got into this mess, and why; it shows also that we have had plenty of time to see where we were heading, and plenty of warnings as well. That any adult citizen of the Republic should feel sorry for himself at this juncture is simply laughable; our caustic friend was quite right. For forty good years we have been asking for what we have got, and now we have got it — got it good and hard.
There is not a line of exaggeration in this book, or of guesswork, not one statement unsupported by clear, competent evidence. It is a marvel of thoroughness, completeness, and impartial accuracy. It should be in the hands, primarily, of every farmer in the country and every one of the army of citizens who are running small businesses. If all these read it simultaneously and prayerfully, it would start what the Duke of Wellington called ‘a revolution by due process of law’ in about fifteen minutes. Then also it should be thoughtfully pored over by our army of undergraduate students; it would sharpen their nose for humbugging political propaganda until they could scent it half a mile away, and act accordingly. Finally, we recommend it to all and sundry, believing that no well-disposed citizen who is something more than half-witted can read it without great profit both to his sanity and to his integrity.