Mr. Littlejohn

By Martin FlavinHARPERS
HORATIO LITTLEJOHN, President of Rosydent, Inc. (Tooth Paste, Mouth Wash and Hair Tonic), one fine day decides to walk out on it all. He does so in a manner which leaves behind him a conviction that he has been robbed, kidnapped, and perhaps murdered. All the forces of society league themselves to find him, but, with the help of a change of clothes and a large false moustache, he eludes them. It is a great relief to his business associates and his family to have him disappear, for he is a feckless, ineffective man, always doing the wrong thing, but they have to pretend they want to find him. Mr. Littlejohn, now embarked On the Open Road of tourist camps and hamburger stands, treks, in varied company, across the continent, pondering on life. After many adventures, including his discovery and commitment to an insane asylum, he decides that if life is not fun it is something less than nothing. He escapes from the asylum and starts out again on the road — ‘to examine the Enigma.’ This is a delightful book, of much wit and a good deal of wisdom, and Mr. Littlejohn is a character we come to love and will not easily forget.