By André SimoneDIAL PRESS
NOT the least amazing aspect of the collapse of France was the unpreparedness of American opinion for it. France was defeated before the war broke out, and by Frenchmen; and we in America, supposedly served by the best newspaper press in the world, hadn’t even a premonitory whiff of it. I’’Accuse! — written by a political reporter for a great Paris paper —shows up the clayey feet of the men at the top who, as Carleton Beals says in his introduction, ‘enjoyed the adulation of even the best American commentators.’ Well, here are the dramatis personœ,sans adulation — a sorry lot of leaders for the French nation to have trusted with their destiny. If only a tithe of the revelations in I’Accuse! is true, France had been thoroughly eroded with dry rot long before September 3, 1939