Saints and Sinners

By Charles J. Dutton
MR. DUTTON, son of a successful and beloved clergyman, entered the law with a view to promoting justice. He presently discovered that law is one thing, justice quite another and quite unrelated. He then entered the ministry with a view to promoting religion, only to discover that religion and organized Christianity have about as little in common as justice and law. After twenty years of unsatisfactory effort to reconcile the two, he gave up and went into probationary work with criminals. This hook recounts his experiences and observations at the bar and in the pulpit, and everyone contemplating either profession from high motives should read it. The author complains of nothing and laments nothing; his recital is factual and manly. Like many men of force and imagination he writes dryly, sometimes awkwardly, but the strength of fact is always there. One comes out with the conviction that the law and the ministry had best be left to career men, as perhaps the quickest way of bringing both professions into a salutary disrepute.