Isolated America

By Raymond Leslie Buell
A BATTLE of books is now being waged over the foreign policy for the United States. Dr. Raymond Buell is a confirmed internationalist, and he hits hard at the isolationists, men like Nye and Beard (not to mention the debunkers of the last war) who believe in putting the United States in a hermetically sealed coffin of aloofness. Well, these seem to have had their day, for events since Dr. Buell wrote his book are rapidly breaking down the American aloofness. Dr. Buell bravely sees beyond the cosmic disturbance and envisions a ‘design for a New World.’ It is very definitely a world in which the United States would take up those international responsibilities which were cold-shouldered after the war. There would seem to be no escape from such a responsibility. But a wide gulf is fixed between now and then.