Polish Profile

ByPrincess Paul SapiebaCARRICK & EVANS
As far as substance goes, this book is pretty much the regular thing in its way. It is the story of an American girl married into foreign high-life and meeting difference in social and domestic practices. It has some merits which are enough to put it in the category of pleasant summer reading. It is written well, rather placidly, not trying to be smart or uppity, — the common curse of such literature, — and it gives the impression that the author’s experiences were mostly agreeable and interesting. Best of all, in the last few pages describing her flight from Poland after the invasion, the author does not turn on the agony. Her narrative is laudably brief and restrained, showing none of the Fat Boy’s degenerate desire ‘to make your flesh creep.’ This is an immense relief, for which the author will have the cordial praise of every semi-civilized reader who picks up her book.