New England Comes Back

By Lawrence Dame
THIS book is a piece of first-class publicity for the ancient virtues of thrift, ingenuity, industry, courage, gumption, and above all, self-reliance. It is the best kind of publicity because it does not preach those virtues or tell us what they can do. It tells us what they have done in six states of this Union in the last seven years; an astonishing record, open for anybody to check up on. It rather tickles some of us who have long believed that whatever ultimate salvage America will show, if any, will mostly be raked out of New England. The author’s journalistic style gives his work an air of something got up by the Chamber of Commerce, but the reader can easily afford to overlook that. The book’s obvious moral is that if all of us will take our minds off Naziism, Communism, Poles, Finns, Czechs, Jews, and so forth, long enough to cuff our own government into its proper place and get some real work done, the country will be considerably better off.