SINCE only Man may choose
His love by beauty’s choice,
Wherein perfections fuse:
The hands, the face, the voice;
So to each man be given
The wisdom born of heaven
To choose aright.
Then though the world go ill,
His heart and spirit still
Shall have their light.
His private world defies
Destruction from without;
Truth, in the face of lies,
Faith, in the gale of doubt.
To him the flow of time
Shall like a gliding rhyme
Give life its form.
Him shall no sunlight cheat
To pride, nor to defeat
The winter storm.
So, as was Man designed
To live, this man shall live,
With spirit, heart, and mind
No longer fugitive.
For he who chose aright
Shall love in long delight
Through beauty’s choice.
Safe in the ample thought
Of beauty’s God who wrought
Her face, her voice.