The Bethlehem Steel Quiz


Whether your sport is casting with a steel rod, knitting with steel needles, taking long drives to cool off, or traveling in the modern streamlined trains and planes and buses, you’ll find interest and instruction in these questions on steel and steel-making. None requires a profound knowledge of one of the nation’s basic industries, yet when you have answered all 10 of the questions, we suspect that you will have a better understanding of a number of phases of steel-making. To score 70 or better entitles you to self-congratulations if nothing else.

(Correct answers opposite page 287.)

1. The Lord of the Isles, first clipper ship constructed of iron, was built in:

(a) East Boston (d) Bath, Maine (b) Baltimore (e) Portsmouth, N. H.

(c) Great Britain

2. The two main steel cables of the Golden Gate Bridge which extend from anchorage to anchorage have a diameter of:

(a) 6 inches (d) 15¾ inches

(b) 12 feet (e) 25 inches

(c) 36½ inches

3. The structural steel, in addition to the steel trim, wiring, piping and other steels, used in building the Empire State Building weighed:

(a) 100,000 tons (d) 50,000 tons

(b) 1,000,000 lbs. (e) 7,000,000 kilograms

(c) 5,000 tons

4. Automobile engine cylinders are usually made of:

(a) steel sheets (d) soy beans

(b) cast iron (e) silicon steel

(c) steel billets

5. Nails are made of steel wire, cut and cold-headed in an automatic machine which operates at a rate of:

(a)700 nails per hour

(b) 600 nails per minute

(c) 300 nails per second

6. The material known as “skelp” is:

(a) flat steel strip

(b) seaweed

(c) seamless steel tubing

(d) an alloy added to the open hearth

7. One of the important materials used in the blast furnaces where pig iron is manufactured is:

(a) frogskin (d) willow logs

(b)razorback hogs (e) peat moss

(c) limestone

8. A greater tonnage of steel products is used in one of the following industries than in any other:

(a) mining (d) railroad

(b) shipbuilding (e) agriculture

(c) automotive

9. The slag obtained as a “waste” product in the manufacture of iron and steel is used in manufacturing:

(a) ladies’ wrist watches (d) ships’ binnacles

(b) cement (e) galvanized steel culverts

(c) electric fans

10. What large steel company fabricated and erected the Bonneville Dam Lock Gates, tallest lock gates in the world?

Answers to Bethlehem Quiz

(See opposite page 286)

1. (c)The Lord of the Isles, first iron clipper ship, was launched in England in 1853.

2. (c) The two main cables of the Golden Gate Bridge, erected by Bethlehem Steel Company, each have a compacted diameter of 36½ inches.

3. (d) About 50,000 tons of structural steel were used in the Empire State Building.

4. (b) Automotive cylinders are usually made of cast iron.

5. (b) Typical modern machines make nails from steel wire at the rate of 600 nails per minute per machine.

6. (a) Skelp is flat steel strip often used in making butt- and lap-welded steel tubular products.

7. (c) Limestone, iron ore and coke are the three principal raw materials used in a blast furnace.

8. (c) The automotive industry requires about 21 per cent of the average annual steel output in the United States and is the largest single consumer of steel products.

9. (b) Slag is used in the manufacture of cement.

10. Bethlehem Steel Company.