The Bethlehem Steel Quiz


It you have an inquiring mind, we suspect that you will find this edition ot the Bethlehem Quiz of interest to you. To answer it requires no detailed knowledge of the steel industry or steelmaking processes, yet when you have checked your answers there’s an excellent chance you will have a better understanding of the nation’s basic industry.

(Correct answers opposite page 142.)

1. In 1799, Citizen Clouet, a French research worker, heated a diamond in an iron crucible to prove that:

(a) diamonds have a higher melting point than iron

(b) iron and diamonds won’t mix

(c) pure iron combined with carbon makes a steel so hard that it scratches glass.

2. Oil and kerosene in bulk are usually shipped in steel containers called:

(a) kettles (b) cylinders

(c) truffles (d) drums

3. Hypodermic needles used by the medical and dental professions are usually made of high-grade steel in the form of:

(a) cold drawn seamless tubes

(b) wire nail stock

(c) stainless steel wire (d)


4. Among the signers of the Declaration of Independence, four of the following were ironmasters:

(a) James Smith (Pa.)

(b) John Hancock (Mass.)

(c) Edward Rutledge (S. C)

(d) Samuel Huntington (Conn.)

(e) George Ross (Pa.)

(f) George Taylor (Pa.)

(g) Stephen Hopkins (R. I.)

(h) John Witherspoon (N. J.)

5. In rolling the steel beams used in constructing skyscrapers and bridges, steel billets are given a number of:

(a) torpedoes

(b) Annie Oakleys

(c) dips in strong acid

(d) passes through the rolls

(e) rustproofing treatments

(f) cuts with a buzz saw

(g) additions of alloying elements

6. What tiny principality in Europe ranked ninth among steel-producing nations in 1937?

7. When William Murdock was ready to use coal gas for lighting purposes in London in 1815, he collected old musket barrels for:

(a) protecting his invention

(b) making the first wrought iron or steel tubular product on record

(c) beating his wife

8. Steel represents per cent of the weight of the average passenger automobile:

(a) 40% (b) 47.5% (c) 99% (d) 80%

9. The steel industry in the United States uses about four billion gallons a day of:

(a) air (b) water (c) oil (d) hydrogen

10. What large steel company fabricated steel for and erected the Associated Press Building, Rockefeller Center, New York?

Answers to Bethlehem Quiz

(See back cover)

1. (c) The iron, which had been soft, was found after heating with the diamond to have a surface of hard steel. The diamond had disappeared.

2. (d) 55-gallon drums are widely used in the shipment of oil and kerosene.

3. (a) Hypodermic needles are usually made from cold drawn seamless tubes.

4. (a, f, g, h) George Ross, James Smith and George Taylor, all of Pennsylvania, and Stephen Hopkins of Rhode Island.

5. (d) Bethlehem Steel Company, like others, passes steel billets through roughing, intermediate and finishing rolls, designed to produce steel beams.

6. Luxembourg.

7. (b) The first wrought iron or steel tubular product was made from old musket barrels screwed together end to end.

8. (d) About 80 per cent of the weight of the average passenger automobile is steel.

9. (b) Water. The steel industry uses four times as much water daily as New York City.

10. Bethlehem Steel Company.